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Fat loss Factor Program Review

What is the Fat Loss Factor

The Fat Loss Factor program is a complete fat loss system by Dr. Charles Livingston.

dr.charles livingston fat loss factor

  1. Diet- Mostly natural foods, avoid packaged foods and sweets.
  2. Exercise- Short high intensity exercises
  3. Stress Reduction

Lets take a look at those in more detail
Fat Loss Factor Diet- Diet is not only what you eat, its when you eat. FLF advises to eat many smaller meals during the day and very little or nothing at night. This is probably a sensible idea since during the day you are expending more calories than at night when you your metabolism is slower. Many people do the opposite of this. Eating heavy meals at the end of the day when there is little activity. It is possible for some to lose a little weight by using only this method of not eating at night.

To lose weight, you need only remember this simple formula. If you burn up more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

1. The Cleanse.  This diet program begins with a cleansing period. The detox involves eating nothing from a package. There is a recipe for a drink that will make you go to the bathroom, so expect to make  some trips to the bathroom during the detox. The drink is a natural home made drink that will have a mild laxative effect. The drink seems mild enough for most people but it would be good to check with your doctor. It is the equivalent of drinking a strong fruit juice, such as prune juice to produce a laxative effect.

2. Preservatives – Fat Loss Factor tells you to avoid preservatives and cites several studies that have implicated these additives with weight gain or weight retention. To comply with this diet 100% you will have to eat little or nothing from a package. However, the program does acknowledge the need to cheat, so you will have some options here. But, the more natural and free of preservatives, the better the results.

7 rules fat loss factor3. Blood Sugar- This program emphasizes the need to keep the glycemic index low and steady. This will among other things reduce cravings and binge eating. Sweets and desserts high in sugars are to be avoided to keep the blood sugar low and steady.

4. Hormones- The Fat Loss Factor believes that part of weight control relies on different hormones in the human body, including Leptin. Leptin to put it simply tells the body what to store as fat and creates the sensation of hunger. According to FLF, some people are unreceptive to Leptins signals, mostly due to the effects of preservatives and chemicals.

These are the main points of the diet, and there is a shopping list and recipes included. The idea is to eat foods with “one ingredient”. If you eat fish, you eat just fish, no extra ingredients. Giving up packaged foods   may be very difficult for some people, but Im sure the rewards would be worth it. Keep in mind there are cheat days, where you are allowed to eat some of your favorites.

Exercise Here is some good news. Fat Loss Factor believes that short high intensity exercises burn more calories than traditional ones. This appears to be true according to many published studies. In this way exercising for twenty minutes can burn more calories than hours of other forms of exercise. It has been shown in studies that with this type of exercise, you raise your metabolism enough to keep burning calories, after you’ve stopped exercising.  These exercises should only take about 20 min a day. Some of these exercises require weight equipment, but alternatives are given. You can even make a walk more high intensity and burn more calories that way.

Stress It has been shown that stress and anxiety have a significant effect on weight loss. The human body is set up to protect itself from certain conditions and may interpret stress as something more. This is related to conditions like panic disorder where the brain notices signals of extreme stress and may interpret these signals as something like starvation or other life threatening situation. To compensate for this the brain may release chemicals and control bodily functions as a reaction to this. It may for example store fat or burn little fat in order to keep the body well insulated. The Fat Loss Factor takes into consideration this strong possiblity and covers some relaxation techniques in order to de-stress and allow the body to function properly.

Whats Included ;

  • Fat Loss Factor Book
  • Liver and Body Cleansing Videos
  • Custom Software “Foojoo”
  • Grocery  shoppingList
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Exercise Routines
  • 5 Sample Workouts
  • Goal Guide
  • Food and Exercise Log
  • Lifetime Program Updates
  • Support and Email Support
  • Recipe Book Bonus

Price  $47.00      Trial Available  60 day money back guarantee

Conclusion -This seems to be a decent well thought out system. The latest scientific research is acknowledged and surely most people would benefit from these suggestions.  It is not only a fat loss program but it is also a formula for increased health. Most of the known causes of weight gain and weight retention are dealt with in a logical manner. This includes proper diet, avoiding preservatives in food, stress control and utilizing short burst  high intensity exercises. You get a lot for your investment and the plan is well laid out. This is all backed up by a 60 day guarantee. The rate of product returns for Fat Loss Factor is very low which is usually a sign of a decent product.

The only drawbacks are that some may find the detox and staying away from packaged foods difficult. However any attempt at this would surely bring results. FLF recognizes the need for “cheat days” and even if you cannot follow the program precisely, it still should bring results. The daily routine with this program requires some work and some time, but it is not too extreme for most people. If you are reasonably  self motivated, willing to eat healthier foods, and able to exercise about twenty minutes a day, this may be a good choice. You may also wish to check out Cellulite Factor another product by the creators of Fat Loss Factor.

[review pros="a lot for the money,good principles,guarantee" cons="may find cleanse/diet difficult" score=85]

Chopping Vegetables With Jane

By Ami Mackey

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.46.31 AM

Teaching a group to make their own nori rolls requires a bunch of prep work, especially when it’s a group of nearly 100 Engine 2 Immersion attendees. It was during this prep work that I got to know Jane Esselstyn. It takes some time to chop enough peppers, mangoes, avocados and onions for the group to learn how to roll their own veggie sushi. Jane and I spent hours over the course of the week, talking, while prepping the food demos for the attendees. It was really great spending so much time with her. When the Engine 2 Team gathers for one of our week long retreats, it is always a lot of fun. Our team is a family. We work really well together and we laugh a lot. It’s not hard to find such joy in the day when you love what you do.

The Esselstyn’s are one of a kind. They are such a genuine group of interesting individuals that really care about the health of America. Jane is no exception. She plays several roles at our retreats. A lively speaker, Jane always stirs up the crowd. She explains the complicated subject matter of better health in a way that everyone can understand. You don’t want to miss a minute of her talks or her dance breaks! If you haven’t danced in your chair, you just haven’t lived. Her cooking demos are always informative too. Most of the time, Ann Esselstyn, the matriarch of the family is her cooking demo partner. When the two of them take the stage, you are in for a raucous good time, served up with samples of Jane and Ann’s recipes.

Jane also spends a fair amount of time in the recipe lab. Her plant-strong creations make following Engine 2 easy and delicious. As a mom of three, a wife and an educator, Jane makes recipes that are simple to execute yet a treat for the foodie in all of us. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook: Over 125 Delicious, Life-Changing, Plant-Based Recipes (Avery Press, 2014) by Ann Crile Esselstyn and Jane Esselstyn.  Be sure to order your copy today!  Over the years, so many of Ann and Jane’s recipes have become staples in our household.  I can’t help thinking about dancing and laughing each and every time I make one of their creations. If you ever get the chance to attend a retreat, you won’t regret it.  Jane has made all of us a little less shy,  and a lot more confident in the kitchen than ever before.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 8.05.15 PM
Book is available in print, Nook, Kindle and iBooks

Book releases on 9/2/14

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Scientists: A Low-Carbohydrate Diet Should Be First Approach for Diabetics!

By Inger Swanberg


A new scientific review article from a large group of scientists put forward the argument that a low-carbohydrate diet should be the first approach in managing both type 2 and type 1 diabetes.

Nutrition: Dietary Carbohydrate restriction as the first approach in diabetes management. Critical review and evidence base

Behind the article is a large group of scientists who have long focused on low-carb diets. But the name that stands out to me is Arne Astrup, the influential Danish professor and nutrition researcher who in recent years became convinced and changed sides in the debate. And dared to admit it! A scientist with integrity.

The article in Nutrition is excellent for printing and hand out to curious physicians and diabetes nurses. Recommended!

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