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Fat loss Factor Program Review

What is the Fat Loss Factor

The Fat Loss Factor program is a complete fat loss system by Dr. Charles Livingston.

dr.charles livingston fat loss factor

  1. Diet- Mostly natural foods, avoid packaged foods and sweets.
  2. Exercise- Short high intensity exercises
  3. Stress Reduction

Lets take a look at those in more detail
Fat Loss Factor Diet- Diet is not only what you eat, its when you eat. FLF advises to eat many smaller meals during the day and very little or nothing at night. This is probably a sensible idea since during the day you are expending more calories than at night when you your metabolism is slower. Many people do the opposite of this. Eating heavy meals at the end of the day when there is little activity. It is possible for some to lose a little weight by using only this method of not eating at night.

To lose weight, you need only remember this simple formula. If you burn up more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

1. The Cleanse.  This diet program begins with a cleansing period. The detox involves eating nothing from a package. There is a recipe for a drink that will make you go to the bathroom, so expect to make  some trips to the bathroom during the detox. The drink is a natural home made drink that will have a mild laxative effect. The drink seems mild enough for most people but it would be good to check with your doctor. It is the equivalent of drinking a strong fruit juice, such as prune juice to produce a laxative effect.

2. Preservatives – Fat Loss Factor tells you to avoid preservatives and cites several studies that have implicated these additives with weight gain or weight retention. To comply with this diet 100% you will have to eat little or nothing from a package. However, the program does acknowledge the need to cheat, so you will have some options here. But, the more natural and free of preservatives, the better the results.

7 rules fat loss factor3. Blood Sugar- This program emphasizes the need to keep the glycemic index low and steady. This will among other things reduce cravings and binge eating. Sweets and desserts high in sugars are to be avoided to keep the blood sugar low and steady.

4. Hormones- The Fat Loss Factor believes that part of weight control relies on different hormones in the human body, including Leptin. Leptin to put it simply tells the body what to store as fat and creates the sensation of hunger. According to FLF, some people are unreceptive to Leptins signals, mostly due to the effects of preservatives and chemicals.

These are the main points of the diet, and there is a shopping list and recipes included. The idea is to eat foods with “one ingredient”. If you eat fish, you eat just fish, no extra ingredients. Giving up packaged foods   may be very difficult for some people, but Im sure the rewards would be worth it. Keep in mind there are cheat days, where you are allowed to eat some of your favorites.

Exercise Here is some good news. Fat Loss Factor believes that short high intensity exercises burn more calories than traditional ones. This appears to be true according to many published studies. In this way exercising for twenty minutes can burn more calories than hours of other forms of exercise. It has been shown in studies that with this type of exercise, you raise your metabolism enough to keep burning calories, after you’ve stopped exercising.  These exercises should only take about 20 min a day. Some of these exercises require weight equipment, but alternatives are given. You can even make a walk more high intensity and burn more calories that way.

Stress It has been shown that stress and anxiety have a significant effect on weight loss. The human body is set up to protect itself from certain conditions and may interpret stress as something more. This is related to conditions like panic disorder where the brain notices signals of extreme stress and may interpret these signals as something like starvation or other life threatening situation. To compensate for this the brain may release chemicals and control bodily functions as a reaction to this. It may for example store fat or burn little fat in order to keep the body well insulated. The Fat Loss Factor takes into consideration this strong possiblity and covers some relaxation techniques in order to de-stress and allow the body to function properly.

Whats Included ;

  • Fat Loss Factor Book
  • Liver and Body Cleansing Videos
  • Custom Software “Foojoo”
  • Grocery  shoppingList
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Exercise Routines
  • 5 Sample Workouts
  • Goal Guide
  • Food and Exercise Log
  • Lifetime Program Updates
  • Support and Email Support
  • Recipe Book Bonus

Price  $47.00      Trial Available  60 day money back guarantee

Conclusion -This seems to be a decent well thought out system. The latest scientific research is acknowledged and surely most people would benefit from these suggestions.  It is not only a fat loss program but it is also a formula for increased health. Most of the known causes of weight gain and weight retention are dealt with in a logical manner. This includes proper diet, avoiding preservatives in food, stress control and utilizing short burst  high intensity exercises. You get a lot for your investment and the plan is well laid out. This is all backed up by a 60 day guarantee. The rate of product returns for Fat Loss Factor is very low which is usually a sign of a decent product.

The only drawbacks are that some may find the detox and staying away from packaged foods difficult. However any attempt at this would surely bring results. FLF recognizes the need for “cheat days” and even if you cannot follow the program precisely, it still should bring results. The daily routine with this program requires some work and some time, but it is not too extreme for most people. If you are reasonably  self motivated, willing to eat healthier foods, and able to exercise about twenty minutes a day, this may be a good choice. You may also wish to check out Cellulite Factor another product by the creators of Fat Loss Factor.

[review pros="a lot for the money,good principles,guarantee" cons="may find cleanse/diet difficult" score=85]

Paleo Sleep and the Paleo Lifestyle

By Paula King


Paleo Sleep and the Paleo Lifestyle

We hear a lot about the Paleo lifestyle, but what is it exactly? What it shouldnt be is Paleo fanatics dressing like cavemen, spearing animals and mimicking what they think man did, millions of years ago. What it should be is a plan or routine that puts natural and logical health practices based on Paleo principles, put into action in our modern lives.

The Paleo diet is referred to as a lifestyle because it involves more than just food, and more than a temporary food change. It is a pattern for the rest of your life. The Paleo lifestyle could be broken down to these main factors;

  • Paleo foods and daily diet
  • exercise
  • dealing with stress
  • avoiding toxins
  • sex
  • sleep
  • social activity
  • spirituality

All of these factors make up what is known as the Paleo lifestyle. This post will discuss a little about Paleo sleep and stress, because the two are closely related. These are also two of modern mans biggest problems. Most of us are constantly stressed. Many of us turn to medications for stress and depression. Related to the problems of stress and sleep, is the problem of lack of energy during the day when we need it most. Many people are addicted to caffeine products including sugar rich coffee concoctions and energy drinks.

The typical “modern lifestyle” is not a lifestyle to be proud of. Most of us work most of our days much of the time in a job we dont relate to. We drink coffees to keep us awake. We eat processed carbs and low quality food morning noon and night. We are in a constant state of stress for one reason or another. We should be exhausted but when it comes time to sleep, we dont sleep well.

Sleep is extremely important to our health, both physical and mental. It is a time when the body should be healing itself. Much like a video game where you need to pause at a special point to recharge your health and energy. But most of us have restless sleep and disturbed sleep cycles which can make you feel exhausted  all day long. And sex? Lets not even talk about that. Yet, anyway.

Stress is a common denominator in many of our problems. It is not the stress of an immediate danger, but rather a constant stress which tells our bodies to release chemicals and to function poorly. Simple body functions slow down and we even store more fat, just in case what we are stressed about is actually starvation. Now sleep should be a remedy for stress, but not if we do not get enough or toss and turn all night. We need a good nights sleep.

Aside from stress, diet may play a part in sleeping poorly. We may be eating way too much sugar. We are also probably eating unhealthy chemicals and preservatives that may affect our sleep. Perhaps we eat too close to bedtime and that disturbs our sleep. It could be as simple as a bad habit of staying up too late. Whatever the reason, it is part of an unhealthy cycle that is our lives.

So Paleo sleep and the Paleo lifestyle will turn this viscous circle into a daily plan with great rewards. By eating the foods that give us the most nutrition, while avoiding foods that cause inflammation and avoiding preservatives,  we greatly improve our lives. But diet is not the only answer. Exercise is very important. We were designed to have a good deal of healthy movement and activity in our lives. Many Paleo dieters will also train with Crossfit or another high intensity exercise routine. This in turn helps our stress. It has been proven that both healthier diet and exercise can help calm stress down. The end of this new cycle, is a good deep sleep that will soothe us and heal and repair disease and tissue damage. A good sleep helps us to feel better and feel less stressed the next morning.

The modern lifestyle doesnt have much of a happy ending. We get fatter, stressed out, physically or mentally ill until something snaps. The Paleo lifestyle cycle is much more appealing. We feel better. We get healthier, better sleep, better sex and less stress. Now sure there are obstacles that make it more difficult  at times, but the more you do, the more your situation improves. As you can see they are two very different cycles, with two very different destinations. I think what everyone needs to ask themselves is which path and which ending we prefer.

Paleo Sleep and the Paleo Lifestyle is a post from: Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook Review

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