Commercial Health Insurance

Like many people around the United States, you are more than likely offered some type of commercial health insurance plan through your employer. Before you are committed, and paying for this service, there are a few different pros, and also cons, that you should consider, before moving forward.

Commercial health insurance, which you may also hear be referred to as private health insurance, is insurance that is provided by a company, with profit gaining purposes. This type of insurance, is not offered, or controlled by the government, in any way. There are key things you need to know, before committing to a plan. In exchange for the services, all clients must be willing to pay the premiums they agreed to, in an exchange for coverage. If you are purchasing this plan through your employer, they are more than likely paying a percentage of your premiums. This will make you a part of their ” group plan”, along with the other employees.

There are three main types of commercial health insurance. The Service Plan, is by far the most popular. This where the people who hold the insurance policy, are given a list of physician’s that they are able to utilize, and must choose off that list, for the insurance to cover it. If someone is to choose a doctor who is not in the network, they may have to pay a higher co pay, or they may have to pay for everything in full, themselves. HMO, is second. This is the health maintenance organization. In this plan, you again must pick physicians off the established list given to you by your insurance provider, and you must have a doctors referral to see a specialist of any kind. Lastly, there is fee for service coverage. This means that coverage is based on the procedures that are taking place, instead of the physician.

When you are getting ready to decide on a commercial health care plan, you need to make sure that it is going to cover all of the things that you need. This could be anything from infants shots, to yearly check ups for adults. Go through previous years medical statements, to make a list of average times at the doctor, and what you can expect for the upcoming year. You want to make sure you are aware of your premiums, and that if there were to be an emergency, you would have all of the coverage that you needed. Not having the proper medical coverage can provide financial burdens, and you want to be taken care of.

Source by Frank Catamon