My Blood Sugar After Two Different Meals at the Diabetes Conference

By Inger Swanberg

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Here’s the obvious thing, that is being ignored at the diabetes conference. Instead, medications, advanced tests and molecules are discussed.

Above are my blood sugar levels after the lunch bag (with chips and chocolate) at the conference, and then after a decent low-carb lunch, that I bought at a restaurant.

The tests are represented above with red circles (the chips lunch) and green triangles (eggs, olives and tuna fish salad and a goulash soup), respectively. Unfortunately I measured my blood sugar far fewer times after the second meal, but the difference is still obvious.

These are the results in a healthy, lean person. How much bigger do you think the difference would have been for a diabetic that really doesn’t tolerate large amounts of carbohydrates?

None of the drugs presented at the conference are without side effects. Yet, even combined, they won’t come close to providing the same effect that you get from just changing what you eat – which also provides many more benefits than just blood sugar improvements.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to make money from serving diabetics quality food. There’s big money in daily pills and injections. And it’s hard to make scientists and pharmaceutical business leaders change their view if it leads to a loss of income.


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