Huge Muscle Building Arm Muscle Exercises

Huge arms. That’s one of the first things that attract the eye of those who are paying their first visit to a gym. Bulging arm muscles are great for attracting the ladies, and really super for getting respect from the guys that don’t have them. You can tell when someone is really proud of their arm muscles if they cut off their sleeves to give them some “breathing room.” Hey, what the heck. If you have them – flaunt them. If, on the other hand, you don’t have any arm muscle mass to speak of, you’d best keep the arms covered until you can practice some muscle building exercises to build those muscles up for “show time.”

In their quest to build up their muscles, a lot of beginners go off half cocked when selecting forearm muscle building exercises, and go about arm training all wrong. Using the wrong arm exercises will get you working out and sweaty, but it won’t do much for your muscles. If you are really serious about building up huge arms, take the time to discover which arm exercises are the best.

Your arms have two main muscle groups: the biceps and the triceps, and of course the forearm muscles. The arm, although biologically complex, is a simple mechanical device. You need only one motion to work the biceps and triceps. Additional secondary arm muscle building exercises are also beneficial in providing some diversity in the challenges that you impose upon these muscles. The following exercises have historically proven to be the most beneficial to building up huge arm muscles. Remember, however, it’s not only the exercise that’s important, but also the frequency, the number of repetitions for each set, and the number of sets performed.

Working Biceps

Dumbbell Curls and Barbell Curls: Your biceps respond quickly to a pulling motion, making the standard curl the primary exercise for the biceps. The most effective formula for performing this exercise is three to four sets at around twelve reps per set. This in an ideal arm exercise for building muscle mass.

Hammer Curls: Perform this arm exercise using dumbbells. They focus upon working a different area of the biceps.

Reverse Curls: These curls simply use a reverse grip on the barbell to work a different area of the biceps.

Working Triceps

Close Grip Bench Press: This is recognized as a great exercise for building arm muscle. Using three to four sets at around twelve reps per set is a good routine for this exercise.

French Press (Skull crushers): This exercise is performed by holding a single dumbbell with both hands extended over your head, while sitting on a back-supported bench.

Tricep Kickbacks: This exercise is performed with dumbbells while kneeling on a bench with your back parallel to the floor. You kick your tricep back.

Cable Push-Downs: With this arm muscle exercise, you’ll see significant gain. Use a V-shaped handle grip.

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Thrive Market

Howdy Folks!

I hope y’all are doing well, all is good with the Wolf family. Zoe is screaming towards three years old and Sagan is seven months old! It’s. Been. A. Blur.

Lots of great developments which I’ll share in the coming weeks. The City Zero program is ever closer to release. This has been my primary focus for the better part of two years…lots of work, but we are getting close.

Today I want to share a fantastic new company with you called Thrive Market. Thrive Market is a socially conscious (I’ll talk about this in a moment) online marketplace that gives members access to thousands of organic and natural products ranging from food, to supplements to bath and beauty products, all at 25%-50% off retail. If Costco and Wholefoods got liquored up at a rave and had a kid, it would look a lot like Thrive Market.


How it Works

Folks sign up for a membership that is less than $5/month ($59.95 annually) then they can shop the thousands of products offered at Thrive, place an order, and receive that order right to the door. Orders larger than $49 receive FREE SHIPPING! Currently the free shipping applies only to the continental US—Thrive is not yet doing international orders, but I’ll update you when this becomes available.

Social Mission, Sustainability and other Dirt-Worshipping Hippy stuff

I’ll talk more about my involvement with Thrive Market in a moment, but if you follow my ramblings at all, you know that the sustainability story is very important to me. Thrive appealed to me for a number of reasons beyond that “gimme” of providing access to great products at 25-50% off retail. Two programs that greatly appealed to me were the Thrive Gives program and also the Thrive commitment to sustainability. The Thrive Gives initiative is a unique take on one-to-one giving and it works like this:

Every paid membership is matched with a free membership for a low-income American family.

That’s it. Simple and brilliant. Who are the people who need access to discounted food and natural products the most? Clearly, low income families. As Thrive Market grows, the reach for low-income families will grow too.

On the sustainability front Thrive Market is committed to being an environmentally responsible and sustainable business. All packaging, boxes, and inserts are made from recycled paper and are recyclable. Thrive Market is committed to supporting other sustainable businesses by working with eco-friendly vendors and suppliers who share our values. Thrive Market is 100% carbon neutral through This certification covers national shipping, packaging materials, warehouse utilities and the commutes of Thrive employees. I have made introductions to Thrive and the Savory Institute and Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund (among others) who are at the vanguard of sustainability and food freedom.

Special offer for followers

If Thrive Market looks like a cool thing to check out, this will really goose you in the britches to try it: From Monday March 2nd to Sunday march 8th, followers who check out Thrive will be entered to win either a Grand Prize, $500 Thrive Market shopping spree or twenty 2nd place prizes of a 1 year membership to Thrive Market.

Robb, this seems like a great gig, but I feel like I need to complain about something. Here goes…

Sigh. The interwebz being what they are, even if something is optional, great, possibly even advantageous, some folks will find something to complain about. I’ll tackle a few of those here:

But Robb! Thrive Market does not sell ONLY “Paleo” food!

True. This is similar to every food outlet I’ve seen with perhaps the exception of a road-side farmer stand. If you shop in ANY supermarket…well, same story.

I would possibly do better from a marketing perspective if I drew clear, black and white distinctions in my work. Carbs:BAD! FAT:GOOD! That’s not how I do things. My work is not about religious evangelism promising “one true way.” I let folks know they have options AND I work to secure the freedoms for you to eat how YOU want to. Thrive Market offers products that tick the following boxes: Paleo, Vegan, gluten-free, gluten-containing. Some of the products you will want, some you will not, same as every trip you make to buy something whether it’s food from the super market or a home stereo system.

ROBB!! Are you going to make money from this??

I sure hope so. Those links you clicked on are “affiliate links.” If you buy something, I will get a cut of that. More importantly however, I am a primary investor in Thrive Market. Let me walk you through my process of deciding to invest in Thrive, and perhaps this will shed some light on if becoming a member makes sense to you:

When I looked at what Thrive was offering/doing I noticed the following:
1-This looked like a great investment opportunity for me.
2-You folks could benefit greatly by getting the stuff you already buy, but at a significant discount from retail.
3-I was impressed with the Thrive Gives program, commitment to sustainability and interest in supporting outfits like the Savory Institute and Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

When I looked at this it seemed likely that I would benefit, you folks would benefit and organizations I fight for would benefit. But hey, now that I’m an investor, how do you really know that I do not have some kind of nefarious agenda? (trust me, someone in the comments WILL ask) That’s easy: take a few receipts form your recent shopping trips and compare what you will save if you bought that stuff from Thrive. If it’s not a net “win” don’t do it. Most people however find that they save more in their first purchase than the cost of a yearly membership.
Ok, that’s the basic drill on Thrive Market. Let me know what you think, what you are saving and if you do not see products that you want, let the folks at Thrive know.

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