Compare Paleo to Mediterranean Diet

By Paula King


 Paleo vs. Mediterranean

This is not going to be a detailed comparison, but rather a quick glimpse at the differences between these two diets. Diets are kind of like your favorite baseball team. People often get too hung up identifying with one or the other to dangerous degrees. It is not a religion or a team you play on. It is important , but each of us has the right to investigate all forms of diet, and draw our own conclusions.

The Mediterranean diet is a diet based on the diet of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean.Lets start with some of the similarities. Both Paleo and Med diet are concerned with fresh foods and avoiding packaged foods and preservatives. Most people will agree that this is a good idea for everyone. We need the nutrition from our foods and the preservatives are making us fatter and unhealthy. Both Paleo and Med suggest light desserts, low in sugar, such as fruit. Both Med and Paleo suggest little or no dairy. The Med diet suggest dairy such as yogurts, a bit more than Paleo. Both Paleo and the Med diet suggest an occasional alcoholic beverage such as wine in moderation, and both encourage the drinking of an ample amount of water. Both Paleo and the Med diet encourage seafood as part of the diet. The oils from fish are very important for their anti-inflammatory benefits and for lubrication of the joints. So all in all, there is quite a bit in common between the diets. Both diets consider themselves to be lifestyles as opposed to fast fad diets.But there is one rather large difference.

The bulk of the Mediterranean diet comes from vegetables, whole grains,pasta,  legumes, seeds and other foods. To the Paleo person, especially one trying to improve autoimmune problems, this simply cant be done. Remember the kinds of foods that are common allergens, and wheat, beans, soy, are on their most eaten list. This really is the biggest gap between the two diets. The Med diet puts meat at the top of their food pyramid as an occasional food as desserts are. While on Paleo, most dieters will not eat any grains, or legumes and many will not eat dairy. This is of course because many want to free themselves from allergy or another immune disease. Science has proved the links between grains and certain autoimmune disorders. Of course gluten is present in these grains, and millions of people cannot eat grains due to Celiacs disease.  Children can be fatally allergic to a peanut, which is a legume. Much of the latest research confirms that these types of foods can cause inflammation in many people.

Other than that, the diets are not that different. If it were not for the abundance of grains and legumes I would say the Med diet is a good choice. But with all those grains and legumes, I cannot call it healthy. Especially for the thousands of people that suffer with food allergies. Other than that major difference,the two diets can be similar. If you were having two families for dinner one family being Paleo and the other Mediterranean, you could please all pretty easily by serving seafood and lots of vegetables, wine, water and a fruit dish for dessert.

And everyone at that table I might add, is getting quality food and nutrition.

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