Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review

Its almost mandatory for us to feature this program by Tom Venuto.Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle has

tom venutos burn the fat feed the muscle

been a top selling program since 2002.  Tom is a seven time Natural Body Building Champion, and in his words, the system he sells is the system he uses. Tom has been featured on many radio internet and magazine publications.

One of the spins of this program is that you can get the same body as movie stars and models using his secrets.

One size does not fit all. Tom points out that with all the thousands of diet programs out there, they cannot work for everyone. The key is to identify your body type and eat the right kinds of fat burning foods. This is a key point to this system.

Tom seems to have a little contempt for systems that sell diet supplements and conflicting methods. Another unique feature of BTFFTM is that Tom promises that you will have FUN. Thats a claim you dont see very often in weight loss.

Tom prides himself on his honesty and this program is part of the BBB online reliability program.

The program itself surprisingly enough seems to be heavier on the diet than the exercise, although there are some very specific exercise routines to follow. This is not a 50 page ebook wonder, but rather over 300 pages. The program is for both men and women. burn the fat feed the muscle


Cost  39.95 with four book bonuses   or $59.95 with the new Fat Burn Files book , two audio seminars and the four bonus books.  Both plans include free 60 day membership in the Inner Circle Membership Site

[review pros=”authored by expert,promises fun method,strong community,guarantee,300 page manual” cons=”some parts difficult,no videos” score=80]



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