But My Whole Family is Obese- Hereditary Fat

This is probably the number one objection to weight loss. Many people just feel hopeless because of their heredity. Is this true? If your family tends to be overweight are you destined for the same?

The answer is no. However, there is some truth here, but not much. Science has indeed found what they believe is a “fat gene” known as an FTO. If you have the gene, it does not mean that people in your family are obese. On the other side, if everyone in your family is overweight, you still may not have the FTO. If you do have the FTO, studies estimate that you may have about a 23% chance of being overweight but not necessarily from the gene. Lets look at this another way.

If your family tends to be oveweight, there is a good chance that you do not have the FTO. If you do have the FTO, there is a relatively small chance that you will be obese. However, if you burn up more calories than you consume, you will not be fat.

Obesity is increasing in the world at an alarming rate, and its not because of heredity. It should be no surprise that we eat fattening foods erratically, and consume way more calories than we burn off. The foods we eat are full of preservatives and chemicals. Many of these chemicals have been proven to add to weight gain and weight retention. We eat far too many sweets. In addition to this, we do not get the exercise we need to burn off these calories. These poor habits not only make us fat, they make us very unhealthy. 

Being overweight is connected to some very serious consequences. Heart disease is one of the most common. Our arteries are clogged. Our blood sugar levels are seriously out of whack and many are heading towards diabetes, a nightmare of a health condition. In addition to these are many other terrible conditions such as back problems and even cognitive disorders. Recent studies have linked being overweight to conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In addition to the suffering from these conditions, we are looking at increased medical bills and a poor quality of life at best.

So heredity is not the main problem. Your family may be overweight not due to a fat gene, but rather poor dieting and lack of exercise.

Proper diet and exercise is your only hope for avoiding these conditions. Remember, if you burn off more calories than you consume, FTO or no FTO, you will lose fat.  The next step is to find a program that has a reasonable plan to help you reach your goals. Not a gimmicky solution, but rather a program that makes sense and guides you to fitness and health.


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