Fat Loss Factor and High Intensity Exercise

One of the key principles in Fat Loss Factor is the use of high intensity exercises. This concept has been getting a lot of intention for quite some time after some surprising research results. A high intensity exercise could be stated as any exercise that is performed in an all out manner. Even a simple walk around the block can be turned into a high intensity workout by making it a more demanding and putting more into it.

The benefits of high intensity workouts is that you can burn off more calories in less time. Much less time. The advantage is, it seems that the calorie burning lasts long after youve done the exercise. You will burn much more calories than doing conventional exercises, in much less time.

London: Short bursts of sprinting, known as “high intensity exercise”, can actually burn 200 calories, much more than jogging or walking for long periods, according to a research. Colorado State University researchers compared the energy expenditure of a group of men on two different days: one spent watching TV, the other doing high-intensity exercise followed by long periods of recovery.


There is also significant evidence that shorter high intensity workouts can improve your health.

 high intensity exercise, three times a week, can improve fitness by 10 per cent, as well as reduce the risk of getting major diseases such as diabetes and heart  from <http://medicalxpress.com/news/2012-10-latest-trend-seconds-publish-user-friendly.html”rel=”nofollow”>

This is especially good news for those of us who don’t have much time to exercise. The Fat Loss Factor states that to accomplish weight loss, you will need to spend about twenty minutes a day burning off your calories, as opposed to spending hours in the gym. Fat Loss Factor Program Review.







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