Fat Loss Factor and Leptin

Fat Loss Factor and Leptin

Leptin is an important hormone and is related to weight control. It is an important consideration in the Fat Loss Factor diet and possibly one or two other featured weight loss programs. Leptin’s job in part is to check that the body has adequate energy storage, and to tell the brain the body has had enough to eat.

So in theory, if you are trying to lose weight you want a good supply of Leptin in your body. Otherwise your body may store more fat, and you will be constantly hungry. It seems like a logical high tech solution would be to get leptin injections, but unfortunately that is difficult at best. The cost of such a solution would be about $500. a day, and there is no guarantee it would do anything at all. In tests, some people benefited and in others there was no change at all. It also brings up another interesting question. Do all overweight people have a shortage of leptin? Oddly, the answer is no. There are overweight people with plenty of leptin. This is where the Fat Loss Factor concept comes into play.

It seems that in some people, the recptors for leptin are not working well. Fat Loss Factor believes that this is due to “resistance” caused by certain additives or unhealthy food components. One that has been identified is fructose. Fructose has been found to be a very unhealthy substance, and an obstacle in weight loss. HFCS, high fructose corn syrup is found in a majority of packaged products. This is because it is very cheap compared to other sweeteners and possibly because it sounds better than sugar. After all, it comes from corn right? But make no mistake, fructose is one of the worst substances in our packaged foods, for the human body.

Fructose has been linked with weight gain, weight retention and many major diseases. In addition it has been linked to leptin.

In rats, usually injections of leptin make them eat much less. However it was discovered that when the rats were given high doses of fructose the leptin didnt seem to have an effect. They kept right on eating. So  Fat Loss Factor believes the answer is to avoid fructose like the plague. You can better your weight loss improvement and avoid many serious health conditions.

For more information on this, visit our Fat Loss Factor program review. This is just one small example of how omitting one small food substance that can make a huge difference in your body weight goals.


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