Muscle Building Workouts – How to Maximize Muscle Growth Without Supplements

It doesn’t matter where you turn almost all muscle building workouts that you find in muscle magazines or on the internet are in some way advertising or trying to promote a certain supplement that is suppose to give you gains and results beyond your wildest dreams. The truth of the matter is that half of the supplements endorsed by these bodybuilders in magazines don’t even use the supplements they just get paid to let their photo show up beside the product advertisement.

The truth of the matter is that for the most part with some exceptions supplements for what they really provide to you in muscular gains are not even worth half of what they are sold for. A lot of these supplements on the market have been after testing has proven some supplements to be harmful and even fatal in some cases. If you are looking to make huge muscular gains without having to spend a ton of money on useless supplements then you simply need to incorporate a proper nutrition plan in with proper muscle building workouts and you will start seeing some real results.

When maximizing the your muscle growth without the use of supplements there are basically 3 main rules that must be followed in order to see optimal results.

The first and possibly even the most important rule above the muscle building workouts is providing your body with the proper nutrition that your body needs in order to repair broken down muscle and create new muscle fibers. One of the biggest misconceptions about building muscle is that the weight training is what builds muscle. Wrong! weight training stimulates the muscles to grow but nutrition and rest are what cause them to grow.

The next rule is of course allowing an adequate amount of rest after you finish your muscle building workouts. Again workout only stimulate the muscle however nutrition and rest are what actually repair and build the muscle bigger. Way too many people think that more is better when it comes to working out and lifting weights, the truth is that your workouts should only last about 45 min and if you do a split workout you should only be working out 3-4 days per week and each muscle group once per week. If you are doing a full body workout obviously because the volume is much less you can work each muscle group 3 times per week and still see muscle gains.

Finally the last rule is use muscle building workouts that will cause you to go to complete muscular failure. You see by nature your muscles hate to grow and get bigger you have to force them to get bigger and thats why when you exercise a certain muscle group to complete failure you are basically forcing that muscle to grow so that it can handle the new intensity of the exercise next time.

Source by Michael B Davies