Nutrition Information – Your Body Is Like a Computer

Nutrition is 90% of your physique.

Nutrition is also the main driver in your overall health and well being. You are what you eat. So if you eat junk then you should expect to feel like junk. Consume a diet rich in organic and natural foods, and you’ll feel vibrant and healthy. Its that simple.

Another big misunderstanding of people and fitness professional who are in peak physical condition, is that working out and training is only 20% of the game. The remaining 80% is Nutrtion.

If you expect your computer to operate and run at its peak potential, most likely you would purchase or install the best software, or computer containing the best software. Right? Our human bodies are basically the same as a computer. Install crappy software, (food), expect sluggish and slow performance. Install high quality software information, (high quality food), naturally expect your body to perform at its peak.

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What kind of Nutrition Information should I install?

Generally anything organic is acceptable. All vegetables, whole eggs, meats ranging from fish, pork, turkey, beef, chicken and fruits are wonderful choices.

If your new to understanding information on nutrition labels a great way to start is to figure your base line caloric intake, or BMR. Simply Google it after you have read this.

Say you burn 1800 calories per day. To lose weight you’ll need to cut back about 500 per day. That nets you a total caloric intake of 1300 calories per day. By cutting 500 calories per day you should lose at least 1 pound per week. It may seem slow, but the turtle wins the race!

To maximize the potency of your 1300 calories you’ll want to eat food with a high nutrient content. This will help keep you satisfied and keep your energy levels high. Foods with high nutrient content are those which were mentioned above, especially vegetables.

I could easily write out a “plan” or specific “diet” for you to follow based on a 1300 calorie diet. Here’s my beef with diets. DIE-Ts The first part of the word is DIE! Personally I am not a fan of diets; they never seem to work, and they usually leave most people rather wanting to die.

Nutritional Lifestyle Solution. Instead of writing a “plan” your specific action step should be to understand and read nutrition labels of foods next time your at the grocery. You’ll probably get very confused the first few times but soon enough, just like you learned to walk as a baby, you’ll get the hang of it.

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Pick foods that you like to start with and build a Nutritional Lifestyle plan that works for you. Stick to this plan for 80% of the meals you eat. The other 20% can be whatever you want. Go for 4-6 meals per day. You may be surprised but eating this often leaves most people feeling stuffed!

If you average 5 meals per day, you’ll eat around 35 meals per week. This will leave you with 7 cheat meals per week! WOW!

The information you feed your body with will thank you! You will begin to feel better and perform at higher levels in all areas of your life!

Source by Kyle Riegle