When Stomach Troubles Could be Something Serious

<img class="alignleft wp-image-11327" alt="95428297" src="http://guide2diets.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/182eeebc19_95428297.jpg” width=”400″ height=”226″ data-id=”11327″ title=”When Stomach Troubles Could be Something Serious” />Have you made positive changes to your diet, and yet you are tired after eating and still don’t feel your best? You may not have enough hydrochloric acid (HC1) in your stomach.

The route cause of many digestive issues is hypochlorhydria or low stomach acid (hydrochloric acid). I have to admit, I didn’t know much about hydrochloric acid before I began studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I discovered through path of better health that I can remedy insufficient hydrochloric acid levels.

Now I know that without sufficient amounts of hydrochloric acid in the … Read More

This article When Stomach Troubles Could be Something Serious originally published at Foods4BetterHealth by Jon Yaneff.