Thanks For Your Work

Testimonial written by: James Marshall


Dear Robb,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you about the impact that your work has had on my life and how much I appreciate what you do. I’ve been meaning to do this for years, but the inertia of feeling healthy can sometimes take over my better instincts.

I’ve never been an unhealthy or overweight person, but I’ve always been interested in the intersection between science and our everyday experience.  I first got wind of the Paleosphere some time around 2009 but it sat in my mental in-tray until 2011 when a long weekend away in the country allowed me time to dig it up, dust it off, and download the Kindle version of your book.  Although I was already familiar with the basic principles of evolutionary medicine/diet, I was impressed by your enthusiasm for the topic and loved the style that the book was written in.  I enacted the key principles almost immediately, rather to the consternation of my wife and of the restaurant we were eating at.

Although it took me a little while to get decent compliance, I had my diet pretty well organized in a couple of months.  As you might have expected, I lost some weight that I didn’t even know I needed to lose (around 4kg) and felt far more energetic.  This was particularly valuable for me since I work as a paramedic in the downtown of a large city and 14-hour night shifts are the norm.

Going Paleo transformed so many things – apart from my energy levels it also vastly improved my mood and general satisfaction with life. My life-long asthma, for which I have been hospitalized more than 30 times has almost completely evaporated, an effect which I have managed to pin down to a (likely) IGE-mediated wheat allergy.  The Paleo diet has also opened up new horizons for me in terms of the broader ancestral lifestyle – I now take my sleep and play very seriously, spend a lot of time walking with my daughter, and have taken up powerlifting as a sport.  I’m pretty terrible, but I’m strong as an ox and enjoy it a lot more than marathon running.

So, thanks Robb. I think that your work must be a bit thankless at times and I’m sure the personalities on the internet must grate sometimes, but I certainly appreciate your work and I’m sure that many others do too.

Kind regards,

James Marshall

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