The Truth About Six Pack Abs

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program

As you can probably guess this is a combo diet and exercise program with a focus on six pack abs. Why focus on six pack abs? Probably because everyone wants them. Especially men.

You would think if you told someone that by losing excess body weight they will probably live longer, avoid heart conditions, diabetes and feel great for the remainder of their lives, they would be more than interested. In fact if you told a guy that he could get six pack abs and the women will love him, that would be a bigger motivator. But hey, thats important too. Sure its important to ward off disease and improve your life, but to many its just as important to feel good about yourself and be confident. If six pack abs will do that for you, who is anyone to judge? Besides, you get both if you can pull it off.

the truth about six pack abs

Yeah, I guess he is in pretty good shape

This program was created by Mike Geary. over two years ago. It is a Clickbank product and if you believe Mike, its the number one rated internet abs program. I myself believe him.  The product was one of the first products I saw with a cartoon like sales page. It shows Mike as a kind of superhero. Later this became all the rage on Clickbank so I have to assume the reaction was favorable. In any case, this program is extremely popular. The sales are through the roof and it has one of the highest gravity scores for a fitness product. Mike says this is so because the program works.The Truth about Six Pack Abs is a combination of diet and exercise.  I do not have a review copy of this yet, but from what I have seen from the affiliation material, this product is about keys. The diet key and the exercise key. An interesting idea in this is keeping your metabolism working throughout the day.The Diet is fairly restrictive. As in many of the diet/fitness programs you are advised to skip heavily processed foods. The concern is extra calories, preservatives and salt. The Truth About Six Pack Abs warns about so called “diet foods” that are really quite fattening. The program also tells you to keep your eye out for trans fats and fructose. In actuality, many of the diet programsseem to agree on this.The exercise portion of the program you may be surprised to learn does not rely solely on ab exercises. Most of the exercises Mike teaches are in fact full body exercises . Mike claims the routines and exercises he gives you took him ten years to formulate. There are also some ab specific exercises that are quite unique and a far cry from the old “crunch”

This program is for men and women interested in getting a lean body and yes, six pack abs. There are a great many testimonials on the website.

Whats Included ?

For the most part, this program consists of the main ebook “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”‘.  and threetruth about six pack abs bonus books valued at aprox. $150.00

Cost  $39.95    Guaranteed 

[review pros=”very popular,users seem to like it, diet and exercise, guarantee” cons=”more specific, may be difficult for some, books only” score=70]



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