Why Your Diets Failed

Why Diets Fail

Many people at one time or another realize the importance of limiting body fat through diet and fitness. Many of us have tried many diets before, and many of us have failed. But was it you that failed, or your diet?

Its very likely that it wasn’t your fault. It seems so simple. The formula for losing fat is that you must burn more calories than you consume. That certainly doesnt sound that difficult, but it is more difficult than it seems. Eating is a complex function. It is much more than just giving the body the nutrients it needs. Eating is also a very psychological function. It gives us pleasure, it also calms our nerves and thats just the beginning. Eating is also addictive.

So if its not that difficult, why do so many of us fail at our diet attempts?

In the human body, diet is also complex. Many diet programs revolve around one thing. It may be just about the food you eat or it could be just about the exercises you do. It may be about not eating one particular thing or some other catchy idea of the day. However, diet is complex and this one idea wonder is probably not going to work because it is leaving something important out of the equation. So if you see a diet  that is “no carbs” “no fats”, these are not going to work because the diet is not looking at the whole picture. Id bet that many of you know what I am talking about. so be aware of those one hit wonders. You need a diet plan that takes in the whole enchilada, not just the one idea diet of the day.

Diet or exercise? Some people wonder which is more effective. The truth is, you need both. They work together to reach your goals. If you are overweight and just ate a little less with no exercise routine, you may not see results. The opposite is also true. Our bodies are setup to require that we do both. The good news is that sometimes just some minor changes to both can make a huge difference. 

Another very common reason for a diet failure is the extremity of the system. If the diet or fitness program is just too extreme, you are not going to stick with it. A good diet must be something that is relatively easily done. There is a great deal of stress in changing your diet, the last thing you need is a diet that makes you more stressed. The good diet blends in with your lifestyle, and is pretty easy to implement. A reasonable diet will not tell you that you cannot eat any of the foods you enjoy. Sooner or later, something has to blow.

So dont blame yourself. Look for a diet program that is comprehensive and takes into consideration many different proven aspects of weight loss. A complete system as opposed to a diet that only focuses on one idea. Look for a system that is doable for you. A system that makes sense and that can be fairly easily worked into your lifestyle.  A good system will incorporate both dietary changes as well as strength training.

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